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Énergîte@Aylmer LEED Home Project Updates

Follow the Énergîte@Aylmer LEED Home project. Our project is yielding one of the finest, most ecologically friendly homes available today and will be available in the summer of 2016. Bookmark us and check back regularly!

Here’ a quick primer video on what we’re doing with the Énergîte@Aylmer LEED Home Project

Énergîte@Aylmer LEED Home project 2016 Project Updates

DSCN1838March 31: Cabinetry Complete, as is most everything else!

We took a well deserved break during the cold winter to attend to other projects, but now we’re back putting the final touches on Énergîte@Aylmer.

webOct 21: Cabinetry in progress, ceramics installed

On the inside, work continues at a busy pace. The ceramic flooring is now installed and kitchen cabinetry is in place. The interior spaces are becoming more defined with each passing day!

w2Oct 20: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

High quality low-flow shower heads and recycled pavers for the driveway – two more examples of how Énergîte@Aylmer is doing its share to respect our resources!

Web4Oct 12: Rear Patio

Rear patio with parged concrete kneewalls and recycled brick pavers – southern exposure, treed lot, who smells BBQ’s? We reused and refinished existing footing walls and installed recycled pavers to reduce environmental impact. Pavers are nearly indestructible, but too often they wind up in landfill!

eco1October 6: Tertiary Septic System

Our Énergîte@Aylmer LEED home features a high performance tertiary septic system (aka Ecoflo, FAST, Bionest, etc…). The waste that exits a tertiary system is about 10% of the strength of a standard septic system. The leeching bed is often 1/2 to 1/4 the size of a conventional bed. Less pollution + less environmental impact – now there’s a winning formula!

walls-1Sept 15: Interior Finishes and Feature Walls

Our Énergîte@Aylmer LEED certified home isn’t just about energy efficiency and sustainability. It looks great too! Check out some of the feature walls – soon to be finished in glass – that add to the home’s cachet.

garage1Sept 6: Workshop outbuilding complete

In addition to the attached double garage, our Énergîte@Aylmer LEED home also features a matching 25X22 workshop built with the same quality materials as the home.

Web1August 29: Exterior finishes

The exterior of the home is almost complete and we’ll be starting on landscaping shortly. Here’s a view of the backyard!

August 29: Feature Walls

Finishing is underway, including feature walls that add incredible cachet to the home.

Eco Tellus Project Update June 16July 7: Meanwhile, back outside

The geoeothermal wells, used for the high efficiency HVAC system have been dug, grading of the property has been completed, and the 25′ X 22′ workshop is nearing completion.


June 30: Mechanicals Complete, Drywall Started

All mechanical and electrical rough-in work is complete including dehumidifier and energy recovery ventilator ducting systems, and we’ve started the drywall stage. Of course a brief Canada Day celebration is in order before we continue!

P1050598June 10: Electrical and Mechanical Rough-in

Electrical and mechanical rough-in is in progress. The two-stage wall system is great for allowing electrical wiring to be installed without compromising the vapour barrier in any way. All electrical wiring and plates effectively run between the outside insulating layer and the inside layer, within a dedicated air space.

P1050782May 27: Siding Complete, Fireplace In

Installation of the Maibec wood siding is being completed, and the new high efficiency fireplace has been installed – although we won’t be needing it for a while. The Maibec siding, combined with the Shouldice designer stone creates a beautiful effect while respecting the surroundings. The new owners will love how the house blends into the property while retaining a unique look.

EcoTellus LEED Home ProjectMay 15: Passive Temperature Monitoring Results

Temperatures have varied from highs of 25 degrees C to lows of 4 degrees C this May, yet our floors and walls continue to register steady temperatures of 18 degrees C despite no heating or ventilation system yet. This is getting close to passive house performance and is another sign that the future owners will be well rewarded in terms of air quality, temperature balance and operating costs.

EcoTellus LEED Home ProjectMay 7: Building Envelope Testing – Success!

We pre-tested the building envelope’s integrity by doing an air exchange test with the LEED certifying agent. Even though the home is not fully sealed, insulated and drywalled we registered an astounding 1.8 Air Changes per Hour. This bodes well for the final tests as the home should yield incredible energy efficiency.

EcoTellus LEED Home ProjectMay 1: Site Grading Underway

Cleaning up after the winter and preparing final grades. The paver entrance will be going in soon. To add to the eco-frendliness of the project we’re using recycled brick pavers. Every little bit helps!


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